Sweet Southern GirlHi and welcome to my blog, my name is Janice Brea and I am just an ordinary girl from south Birmingham. I am currently at University studying to become an estate agent and hope to get work in a well established estate agent when I am finished my course.

What I love, like, and generally couldn't care less about.

Cats & Music

I love cats, I love every kind of cat. They're just too cute and funny and adorable and cute!


Love Music too, especially when it has cats in it. "Who let the dogs out" is the worst song EVER!

People that don't love cats like me!

Seriously why would you not like cats! Get a grip then get a cat. I love cats...


I used to arch for Team GB but had to stop when my cat got pregnant. Needed to look after the little guy. Hope to get back to my archery soon though.

Some of the bands I love and think you should check out.

Die Fantastischen Vier


Max Speed and the Loose Chippings


Dr Hook

Mariachi El Bronx


Billy Joel

Phil Collins



The Four Tops

Haircut 100

John Parr


Patrick Hernandez

This part is a dedication to some of my favourite felines from the internet so please enjoy

and feel free to send me any funny or cute cat pics that you think I would like.